Ellistown Camogie Club was founded in the early 1930’s. They won the Junior Championship in 1936. Sadie Behan (Red Hills) was President of the club. At that time the players cycled to nearly all of their games, unless they were lucky enough to gain a lift in the back of an open lorry. Other players of the 1930’s included Alice Smith, Johanne Smith, Lizzie Smith, Maggie Martin, Molly Gray, Teresa Archbold, Peg Hackett and Maureen Heffernan.

Ellistown Camogie
Ellistown Junior Camogie Champions 1936
Back: Cathy Bagnall, Mary Jane Cullen, Bridie Gray, Gertie Archbold, Annie D’Arcy, Josie Cullen, Lizzie Duffy, Sadie Behan
Front: May Behan, Eileen Archbold, Katie Colgan, Wooly Behan, Polly D’Arcy
Sitting: Nan Kenny

Nach mór an trua é go bhfuil roinnt de na daoine seo imithe ar shlí na fírinne. Bheadh bród mór orthu innui. Beannacht Dé lena na namacha.

In the late 1960’s there was Camogie once again in Ellistown under the guidance of Polly Molloy, Ned Kemmy, and John Fitzpatrick. Some of the players of that era included Mary Donnelly, Bridget Martin, the Molloy sisters, the Fitzpatrick sisters and the Berns sisters.