Club Ellistown Application Form

What is it?

“Club Ellistown” is the hassle free way to donate vital funds to our club via standing order with the added bonus of being automatically entered into the club’s weekly lotto.

How important is the lotto to the running of the club?

It is absolutely essential, it accounts for at least 30% of the club’s annual income, we would be sunk without it.

How does the lotto work?

Just pick 4 numbers between 1 and 30, a single ticket usually costs €2. Each Thursday night a draw is made. If your 4 numbers come up you win the jackpot prize.

If the main prize is not won there are three €50 prize winners drawn. The jackpot also grows by €150 each week (capped at €13,000).

How does Club Ellistown work?

Contact Duncan Watson or any committee member and fill out a “Club Ellistown” application form, this includes selecting the 4 lotto numbers you have chosen.

You then need to set up a standing order to the designated “Club Ellistown” bank account for €10 per month. You will be included in all the weekly lotto draws for a particular month provided your standing order has cleared in the month prior to the draws being made.

If you want to be entered into draws for the month of set up with your Club Ellistown numbers, it will be necessary to cover the cost of the lotto tickets separately – speak with Duncan Watson on 0877442391 to arrange this.

So I’m contributing €120 per year when I could buy a weekly lotto ticket at a total cost of €104?

Yes, the extra €16 is a pure donation to our club.

Can I contribute more than €10 per month?

For an €18 per month standing order you will be entitled to submit two sets of 4 numbers to be included in the weekly lotto draws.

What if my standing order does not clear in a particular month for some reason?

You will not be entered into the weekly draws for the following month. For example, if your standing order does not clear in June, you will not be entered into the draws for July.

Why should I consider doing this?

  • Convenience – your lotto tickets are automatically purchased. You’re in with a chance to win every week!
  • It will take a lot of pressure off the lottery ticket sellers who constantly pound the streets of Ellistown selling tickets.
  • It takes a substantial budget to run the club for a year. The regular donations will make a huge difference to the development of our club!

I have a further question, who should I call?

Duncan Watson – 0877442391 or Phil Noons – 0878369666